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The most commonly mis-judged party. Most people that consider themselves Republican use what's know as "common sense".
Core belief: Less Government, More people, meaning the government is here to protect the country, not take away freedoms.
The government is not at fault for the American public spending more than they can afford. American citizens need to take responsiblity for their own actions.
Republicans aren't all rich, greedy, gay bashing, racist Christians.
A common belief is that most Republicans are against abortion. The true belief is that the party believes it's a womans right to choose, but should not use abortion as a method of birth control, and there should be required counselling before and after.
Most Republican's do not see color, do not care of your sexual orientation, and want this world to be a better place.
Due to the rise of celebrity popularity, the party of common sense is dying off. Most young people would rather follow their favorite celebrity than actually research.
Suggestion: Rather than being a drone to your favorite celebrity, research for yourself and have a mind of your own.
If you're "liberal", which means being of open mind, quit being hypocritical. If your party is defined as "open minded" then prove it.
Republican's are nothing but racist, gay bashing, oil grubbing, greedy bastards.

Most Republican's are free thinkers, and are treated poorly by opposing parties.

They treated me worse than a convicted murdering rapist and it was only because I told them I was a Republican.

The typical American Democrat will have an open heart, pocket book, mind to anyone and everyone...that is unless they're Republican
by Desiree0312 October 16, 2008
Taking a bottle of alcohol and inserting it in the vagina, and inverting ones self.
"Did you see how fucked up Stacy got last night?!"
"Yeah, she was front chugging."
by Desiree0312 May 23, 2016
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