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n. a slave with no opinions of his own. someone you keep as part of your team just to have a bitch ass around. otherwise though, a REkiN is nothing more than a piece of crap. a REkiN commonly gets raped up the ass and will take it like a bitch. that's why his boss(es) allow the REkiN to stick around because he makes for a good puppy dog or cheap whore.
You fucking REkiN, I'll smack that smile off your face.

REkiN: Is there anything else I can do for you, boss?
Boss: Yea bitch...kneel!
RekiN: Yes sir.
Boss: I meant with your mouth open, because you're gonna be deepthroating this, you pussy ass bitch.

Get out of my face you spineless pussy..freekin' REkiN.

"Watchu keepin that pussy around for, man?"
"Chill dawg, he more of a show piece plus he my biatch."
"Huh, but look at him man..he ain't never contribute, wtf."
"Nigga please..you wouldn't be sayin that shit if you knew the kind of cock that bitch sucks."
"Nigga fo real?"
"Oh hell yea..I was gonna fire his ass yesterday, but he offered to suck my dick and look at him now, he's golden."
"Damn REkiN."

Quit peepin' while I'm tryin' to bang this girl, you desperate masturbating loser. Fuckin bitch ass REkiN!
by DesiSquad July 06, 2006

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