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Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever . if you think otherwise , you can fuck off . He is the best person ever and nothing can change that . He is the reason why i am not dead yet . i refuse to die until i meet him , but if he died before i met him , i shall die . if he dies ever , i shall die , but first , i shall kill the person that killed him . Don ' t fuck with him . i am his biggest fan ever and words can not describe how i feel about him . Lil Wayne ' s full name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr . He dropped the " D " on " Dwayne " because his father ' s name is Dwayne . Dwayne is not a part of Lil Wayne 's life no more , so he dropped the " D " . He is also known as Weezy or Weezy F Baby . He is a part of Young Money , and he is also a part of Cash Money .
Sam : Desi , you got a new boyfriend ? !
Desi : yeah , but he ain ' t no Lil Wayne .

Dude : isn ' t it awesome ? !
Desi : yeah , but it ain ' t no Lil Wayne .

Lucas : why did you break up with me ? i ' m not hot enough for you ?
Desi : 0f course you are , but you ain ' t no Lil Wayne .
by DesiLilWayne September 15, 2012

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