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Colloquial for the hotel video-on-demand service, Spectravision, which offers guests a wide variety of adult, and thereby masturbatory, viewing fare.
I can't wait to check into the Marriott Marquis, and unwind with a little honor bar and some Spank-o-Vision.
by Desi Goodness June 16, 2006
Short for the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University - the finest communications school in the United States.
Applying to Newhouse? Bring your 3.9 GPA.
by Desi Goodness June 16, 2006
Perjorative for ambulance.
Thank goodness the band-aid wagon is here! I've already lost eight pints of hemoglobin!
by Desi Goodness June 16, 2006

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