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A mix of goth and futuristic syles, think retro sci fi meets goth.

With a few rather dramatised exceptions, genrally really bouncy fun people who get along well with most other goths and alternatives.
Genrally most Cybergoth's will choose a 1 colour to go with black and stick with it, or have colour themed outfits.

This usualy includes big over the top fake hair including cyberlox and dreadfalls.

Bright bold colours against striking black (usualy fluro and neon but not always) usualy in synthetic and or stretchy fabrics like pvc and metalic lycra are a large part of the Cybergoth look.

Usualy have "nerdy" fascinations such as sci fi and computer technology and anything to do with the future.

Easily confused for but not that same as rivethead and raver.
by Deshka April 10, 2012

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