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an excess amount of boobs on an ugly girl
Deshaun: damn that girl had huge tits
Quinten: shes gross, thats boobnoxious
#fat #gross #ugly #tits #chanquia
by Deshaun Thomas October 27, 2005
the 1st day where its warm enough to role ur windows down and b/c of that u blare rap no matter what ur skin color or musical preference, its the only day white ppl can get are allowed to blare rap w/o fear of a black person jumping them
Quienten: check out that white boy blaring rap with his windows down
Rudy: dam that shit is wack
Quienten: lets jump him then jack his shit
Rudy: Any other day i would love to, but its rap blare day so we gotta leave him alone.
Quienten: dam
#chanquia #boobnoxious #wese #wallet smack #nignorant
by Deshaun Thomas March 29, 2006
white ppl who are willing to expose the truth about all races. If you are black and you say this stuff u become a famous comedian.
Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock you are my boys, but you are both racists ass mofos. u mofos are making money that should be mine
#boobnoxious #chanquia #mafia #phone smack #wallet smack
by Deshaun Thomas March 20, 2006
When you are about to get some ass but you don't because something happens
Deshaun: Deshawn: I was about to get with this chanquia and then my parents walked in
Matt: Chanquias are gross thats a major step down from even ayako. Were u curunk.
Deshaun: I kno but it was still a boner kill, and i wasnt crunk
#boobnoxious #chanquia #buzzkill #wese #mafia
by Deshaun Thomas March 07, 2006
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