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desert eagle- a simiauto hand gun that is most commonly found in 357mag,44mag,50AE with 9,8,7 magazine capacities. fitted with either a 6 or 10 inch barrel. The desert eagle weighs 72oz or 4.5lbs it is made by IMI but sold in the US by magnum research. Cost new from about $1250.00 and up depending on where it was purchased and the finish of the gun/ accessories.

To clear up common myths and misinformation of the desert eagle
The desert eagle is a large hand gun but is completly manageable. It will not break your wrist or come near doing so (Know a kid that could shoot a Smith and wesson 500 mag.{more powerful then the 50AE} when he was 9 and did not get hurt in any way.) It is not the best pistol in the world due to its size and weight and the reliablity. You can shoot it with one hand but the average hunter/shooter with much shooting experince would not do it since it is fairly difficult to hold 4.5lbs strait out and be accurate. And if you do shoot it with one hand most will not drop it and it will not hurt you when shot properly. Yes it can kill a bear and kill most animals but its nothing to brag about there are thousands of hand guns that can do the same and hit much harder(S&W500 or S&w460)and be more effective. The desert eagle is not a smart choice for defence against animals(or anything else) due to its weight and bulk 4.5lbs doesnt seem like much but packing it on your side makes you tired very quickly ecspecaily if all you do is sit on your comp and play CS all day. The fact that its a simiauto does not make it better in any way then a revolver. Also Magnum rounds like 357,44,50AE(the recoil and power from these cartriges are not what many think them to be) can be shot off quickly when done by someone who knows what the fuck they are doing. If you have little firearm knowlege and base your oppinion on a movie or a game then keep your comments to yourself So people that want to know what a desert eagle is will not get fed mis info.
The CS nerd thougt the "deagle" was the best firearm in the world since you could kill things in one shot.
The hunter was considering a desert eagle for a handgun but decided a revolver either a ruger,smith and wesson, or a taurus.
by Desert Eagle fan101 July 09, 2007

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