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Okay, I was going to be really mean and say how crappy I think the midwest is. But, with the exception of Missouri (which was actually kind of pretty) and Kansas (which was too flat for my taste), I've not really seen the midwest. And I know plenty of people from the midwest who are really nice and cool. Sure, midwesterners get labeled as fat, boring and backward, but hey, you can find people like that all over the country, right? I don't think the midwest has a monopoly.

I admit, I must have the deserts of Arizona, the mountains of Colorado and the beaches of California, the spicy food of the southwest, and the sunshine all over the west, but I'm sure the midwest has it's share of interesting stuff too.

Anyway, we're all Americans, so what difference does it make?
The midwest probably gets slammed by people who have never even been there, or just passed through.
by Desert Dan March 31, 2006

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