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Awesome guitarist but can't sing lead worth a shit! Good at harmonies, but should leave the singing to Serj, one of the greatest metal voices of all times. His voice is nasally, grating, ruined most of Hypnotize/Mesmerize, and he cannot give a good "metal scream" to save his life.
"Why do they always send the poor" --Daron Malakian at the beginning of B.Y.O.B. sounds like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum while choking a cat.

"Tony Danza cuts in line" and "Hey man why'd you touch my belt" --Daron Malakian in Old School Hollywood sounds so fucking whiny I can't believe this guy has any metal-cred left.

"All you maggots smoking fags on Santa Monica Boulevard", "All you bitches put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care" --Daron Malakian in Lost in Hollywood sounds like an old woman performing in a cocktail lounge in a crappy Vegas casino.
by Desco May 14, 2007

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