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The latest technology from Apple; regardless of when you read this.
I'm shaking with excitement. Did u see how thin the latest Apple iPhad is? I am so upgrading my Newton to one of those. I hope it doesn't support flash apps!
by Des Perateben April 23, 2010
A large piece of shit that merrily greets you with a bobbing motion when you peer into the toilet bowl.
Tracey: Will hurry up in the toilet. Ineed to go!
Ben: I'm done.
Tracey: 'Bout time. Grrrrrr.
(...5 seconds later from the bathroom)
Tracey: WTF, I heard you flush, and there's still a monster shit buoy in here. I can see all sorts of crap mushed into it.
Ben: (...sniggers)
by Des Perateben April 23, 2010

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