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When someone is indignant even (especially?) when it's their own fault.
"Those people were blocking the road, but when I honked at them they got nigger-pissed and started yelling at me".
by Des Long November 12, 2011
The last sex move you can ever make; occurs when both partners die mid-coitus.
"My grandparents died at the same time while having sex; they pulled off a Romeo & Juliet"
by Des Long April 22, 2013
This is achieved when the inner labia (typically of a fat woman) sticks out to the side and looks like a uvula. It is especially common for the accompanying odor to be the worst thing you will ever smell in a thousand lifetimes.
"I figured I'd take that whore to a cheap motel, but when she took her pants off my eyes started to sting so I got the hell out of there because I was pretty sure I was in for a busted-out puss flap."
by Des Long November 15, 2012

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