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A guy that absolutely refuses to acknowledge his overt homosexuality despite his co-workers willingness to accept him as he is.
What's up with fudgey over there? Why doesn't Ryan come clean with his male on male interests?
#gay #straight #chocolate #fudge #happy
by DertySowt August 08, 2006
The assneck in the cube next to yours that is more than willing to negatively critique your work, but refuses to provide corrections.
Ryan, after you proofread this document could you please let the boss know which corrections should be made?

There are indeed errors, but I would rather not tell you via email what they are. Instead, I will send twelve emails to our supervisor telling him how I will not help you.

Please stop being an inhibitor.
#inhibitor #assneck #corrections #misspelling #proofreading
by DertySowt September 04, 2008
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