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A small, roundish, magical, talking flying miniature moose.
Everyone thinks Minimoose is the coolest thing ever even though Guy is the main character
by Dertt February 09, 2004
A prostitute with a bad attitude towards everyone.
Why are you being such a bitchslut today?
by Dertt July 22, 2003
A word which in modern usage frequently refers to one who is biologically male. Can be used interchangeably with "dude."

Due to its etymological origins being the racial slur "nigger," certain limitations apply concerning its usage by Caucasians, but these largely vary based on setting.

See also: bitch used as a generalized term for females
That's that nigga.

Niggas plot. Bitches too.

White boy's my nigga.

I talk different to niggas than I do to the females.

Yeah, he's a nigga, but he turned dyke.
by Dertt June 19, 2013
The ability someone has to frag, or tear to pieces.
2. A measurement of people (things) that have been destroyed.
"Maximum fraggage!" Johnny exclamed as Bill tore off his head.

by Dertt October 09, 2003
Someone who has such violent mood swings/tantrums they seem almost either obsessive compulsive or epileptic.
by Dertt October 09, 2003
so uncool that what is being descibed can actually make something lame.
That was the most lamening idea ev4r.
by Dertt October 09, 2003
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