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2 definitions by Derrick Snow

The best band in the world featuring Jack Black and Kyle Gass. They played the greatest song in the world to save their ass's. Though they can't remember the song, their legend lives on.
"This is not...the greatest song in the world. NO! This is just a tribute." -Tenacious D
by Derrick Snow May 01, 2007
When a skater lands on a skateboard in a way wich the nose or tail is directed upwards into the genital area. It hurts like a bitch and makes you want to sit and watch everybody else for a while.
Billy-"Hey Bob, do an impossible!"

Bob-"Fuck that! I don't want a wooden tampon again!"

Billy-"Hahaha! That was hilarious last time!"

Bob-"Fuck you man! That is not a pleasant feeling!"
by Derrick Snow May 03, 2007