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Dunkadelic ( adj. ) " Dunkadelic Mega Contract ", Is basketball terminology used to describe the richest contracts in the game. The " Dunkadelic Mega Contract " is generally over the $80 million dollar mark. (" Dunkadelic Power Forward " Larry Johnson signed the first " Dunkadelic Mega Contract " in 1994 for $84 million dollars, a record at the time).
" Dunkadelic Super Star " Kobe Bryant signed a " Dunkadelic Mega Contract " for $136 million dollars over 7 years to remain in Los Angeles as it's franchise " Dunkadelic Two Guard ".
by Derrick E. Vaughan July 17, 2004
Dunkadelic ( slogan ) Basketball is life, and the soul is " Dunkadelic ".
Thr game of basketball is a dream for many inner city kids, and " Dunkadelic " is the soul of the dream...
by Derrick E. Vaughan July 10, 2004
3 of the 4 highest Rookie of the year scoring averages in NBA history were made by Phat 5 players.

1. Wilt Chamberlain ( KU )-1960 37.6 ppg.
2. Walt Bellamy ( Indiana )- 1962 31.6 ppg. ( IU ) #6 progam All-Time
3. Lew Alcindor ( UCLA )- 1970 28.8 ppg. ( changed name to Karrem Abdul Jabbar in 1971 )
4. Michael Jordan ( UNC )- 1985 28.2 ppg.
The Phat 5 have produced Rookie of the Year's and MVP's that are All-Time NBA greats. Now that's Dunkadelic!!!!!
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 16, 2005
Is a basketball slang " catch phrase " that describes a player who's the combination of size, speed, and possesses an explosive dunk arsenal.
Dwayne Wade is a lethal Dunkadelic Package at the point guard position for Miami. Amare Stoudemire and " The Matrix " Shawn Marion form an explosive Dunkadelic Package for Phoenix.
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 03, 2005
Is an unofficial induction for the best dunkers of All-Time to play the game of basketball on the high school, college, or pro level.
Earl " The Goat " Manigault, the New York playground legend is a member of the Dunkadelic Hall of Fame for his contrbution to the game of basketball. Dominique " The Human Highlight Film " Wilkens would be a 1st ballot selection to the Dunkadelic Hall of Fame based on his legacy to dunking a basketball on the college and pfo level.
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 03, 2005
Is a basketball slang term used to identify the most well known and celebrated player on the high school, college, and pro level.
Michael Jordan was the Dunkadelic Prince of the NBA for over 15 years. LeBron James is the new Dunkadelic Prince of the NBA.
by Derrick E. Vaughan March 31, 2005
Is a collection of spectacular highlight dunks played to Hip-Hop/Rock-n-Roll music.
ESPN Sportscenter ultimate highlight.
by Derrick E. Vaughan November 26, 2004
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