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Is a basketball slang " catch phrase " used to describe a slam dunk that takes the heart and energy out of an opposing team. Makes an opposing team call time out and brings the crowd to their feet.
Shaq dropped a Dunkadelic Backbreaker on Portland that sent them home, and the Lakers to the 2000 NBA Finals. Dwayne Wade all but ended the game vs. Minnesota with a crushing Dunkadelic Backbreaker over " The Big Ticket " Kevin Garnett that lead to a Miami victory.
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 03, 2005
Is a basketball slang " catch phrase " for a slam dunk that is done over another player with attitude and power; ( aka ) " In your Face " dunk.
Most smaller players like to give a Dunkadelic Facejob to bigger and stronger players. Scottie Pippen gave Patrick Ewing one of the sickest Dunkadelic Facejobs I've ever seen back in 1994.
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 03, 2005
Is hip hop terminology that describes a combination football/basketball player with explosive speed, athleticism,and style.
This phenom is the most versitle combo "Dunkadelic" athlete I've ever seen.
by Derrick E. Vaughan February 10, 2004
The top 5 highest scoring averages to win the NBA MVP award were once Phat 5 players.

1. Wilt Chamberlain 1960 ( KU )- 37.6 ppg.
2. Michael Jordan 1988 ( UNC )- 35.0 ppg.
3. Kareem Abdul Jabbar 1972 ( UCLA )- 34.8 ppg.
4. Bob McAdoo 1975 ( UNC )- 34.5 ppg.
5. Wilt Chamberlain 1966 ( KU )- 33.5 ppg.
The Phat 5 of College Basketball has been a proven stable for some of the most prolific scorers in the history of the NBA. Now that's Dunkadelic!!!!!
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 14, 2005
The Phat 5 have a combined 27 National titles and, 68 Final Four appearances.All of the Phat 5 programs have 70+ touranament wins. They are the only 5 to do so ( Kentucky-98 ), ( UNC-88 ), ( UCLA-85 ), ( Duke-81 ), ( Kansas-73 ).Indiana is the closest program with 58. The Phat 5 have 5 of the 6 best All-Time winning%.( 1 ) Kentucky, ( 2 ) N.Carolina, ( 3 )UNLV, ( 4 )Kansas, ( 5 ) Duke, ( 6 ) UCLA. UNLV started play in 1959, 39 years after UCLA ( 1920 ) the last Phat 5 to start playing basketball. The Phat 5 have the top 4 programs in All-Time wins ( 1 )Kentucky, ( 2 )N.Carolina, ( 3 )Kansas, and ( 4 ) Duke. UCLA is ( 11th ) All-Time.
The NCAA has had 67 National Champions and the Phat 5 have a combined 68. This means there is almost a guarrantee that one of the Phat 5 will make the Final Four every year. Now that's Dunkadelic.
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 07, 2005
Is a basketball slang " catch phrase " used to describe a very creative fastbreak slam dunk during a game or in a slam dunk contest.
Jason Richardson the 2-Time Slam Dunk Champ can get nasty with his Dunkadelic Freestylin' on a fastbreak to drive the fans out of their seats. Vince Carter stole the show at the 2000 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest with his Dunkadelic Freestylin'performance.
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 03, 2005
Is a basketball slang term used to describe old school and vintage dunk highlight footage. The era of the afro 70's ABA ( American Basketball Association ).
The 1976 ABA All-Star game was a Dunkadelic Throwback to the hi-flyin' days of Dr. J and David Thompson. ESPN Classic shows the best Dunkadelic Throwback highlights of Dr.J and the free wheeling ABA.
by Derrick E. Vaughan March 29, 2005

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