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One who talks about guitars but never plays them. Also talks like a muppet.
I heard Muppet Baby talking about the time he broke his strings and then made a scarfice to Satan.
by derm February 14, 2005
A city in Michigan. Population is under 1 million, but metro area has around 5 million. The city itself is pathetic and is hardly on the rebound. Put it this way, Hard Rock Cafe built in Beirut before building in Detroit. It was the automobile capital of the world, but many companies have left the city.

Nicknames include:
Arsenal of Democracy
Motor City
Murder Capital
City of Industry
Automobile Capital of the Wolrd
Shittiest city in the states
Cradle of Punk Rock
Home of Rock and Roll
No examples to be given. One must experience the city itself.
by Derm December 10, 2003

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