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lil wayne is a "great" rapper, but i think mainly its because rap fucking sucks now, im black, and i used to listen to more rap than rock. now rap is so garbage that i listen to more rock. ol' skool rap is better than wayne, but wayne does dominate this era. but hey i guess its not hard when there's songs out called marco polo, and the WHOLE chorus is just
marco.. polo
marco... polo
thats fuckin retarded. and it makes me proud that wayne is educating himself at the University of Houston, and alot of his metaphors link to people that only someone with an education would know. plus he studys ALL genres of music and even expresses them in his lyrics, he is amazing at what he does, but then again all rap used to have a story.
"..it's just me and my guitar, yeah bitch i'm heavy metalin, and you can get the fuckin led zeppelin.." - Lil Wayne
"..When You Say You Want Beef, Then I Got Yah Boy, Ill Juss Let The Big Mac Whopp Ya Boy
See My Dreads Hanging lookin like a rasta Boy, Fuck wit My Rosta An I'll Turn Into Mufasa Boy
We Run Up In Ya Casa Boy,And Blast Off Like Nasa Boy, (Uhh)" - Lil Wayne
by Derik Clayton September 03, 2008
lebron james is an unbeilievably talented basketball player. he is often compared to Michael Jordan, but in the wrong sense, a lot of people compare him to MJ because of the unbelievable dunks and shots that MJ hit, that is the wrong way to compare because there is no comparison, when and/or IF LeBron wins MORE THAN 6 NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS he has beaten MJ.
let time answer the questions, only LeBron James can decide if he's better than MJ
by Derik Clayton June 07, 2006
HOLY SHIT!!! we all new he was amazing but he absolutly exploded in the NBA finals averaging more than 36 points in the last 4 games against dallas, this guy is unbelievable, he has a unique sense of patience of taking absolutly whatever the defense throws at him, he has the speed to blow right by a defender playing tight, he has mastered the pick and roll, by sticking that foot waaayyyyy out in front and either using it to blow by a defender as a first step or he can take the step up jumper and hit all day, he absolutly has mastered this game breaking defenses down using only patience, we are witnessing something great here.
expect dwayne wade in another city a year after shaq retires, he could end up with lebron, if he signs a small contract and becomes an unrestricted free agent.
by Derik Clayton July 03, 2006

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