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A band that became popular in the 60's during the vietamwar/counter culture era and is still very popular
Lets blast some CCR from the Huey boys!
by Derexan February 25, 2005
a short and fat penis...like jon reardon who is the biggest fag ever...no friends .....no life
Reardon your penis is so tiny....you must have social autism
by Derexan October 20, 2003
A german car thats basically volkswagen technology with a luxury package and a few extra HP. One of the most fastest depreiciating cars on the market.
I'd rather have a BMW
by Derexan March 02, 2005
New Orleans, was once a prominent city in the United states of august 2005. With a distinctive creole and french influenced culture that once inhabited there.

New orleans, now is part of Lake Pontchartrain thanks to Hurricaine Katrina.
Let's go to new orleans...Oh wait it doesn't exist anymore.
by Derexan September 04, 2005

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