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Describes an event or situation that one has been put into that is of an unfair nature or considered mean.

'house' can be ommitted or replaced with another form of shelter to describe the size of the situation, for example, arms, arms mansion, arms hut, arms mahal or arms vatican.
"My brother opened his gift from my dad and said, 'Do you have the receipt?' That was arms house."


When you have to get somewhere important and take public transportation... you barely make it and the bus driver sees you but drives off anyway!! that's arms house!!


You send your phone in for service and not only do they not fix it, but they also send it back with MORE problems. MAD ARMS.


When someone borrows your notes and doesn't return them 'till the day of the exam.... ARMS HOUSE!


Chillin' in your friends' basement watching a the sports game when his drunken friend gets so excited that he punches his ceiling, cracking his ceiling tile... That's arms house.
by Derek987 April 06, 2008

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