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If you dont know what a dick is by now, you're in a lot of trouble.
I have a Cum Hammer.

I use my cum hammer to nail broads to matressess.

I alos have a Cum Hammer.
#penis #hammer #cum #machete #jason #freddy #rob zombie
by Derek Todd August 16, 2009
Much Like a Camel Toe, it is a visible woman's labia that can be seen through jeans, however, the difference between a Camel Toe and a Kia Toe, is that it is often seen specifically on handicapped women, and it gets the name Kia, because it resembles a motor vehicle.
Amanda's Kia Toe was Visible from Space.

Stu had a hard time picking out a new wheel chair, that was Kia Toe accessible.
#kia #toe #your mom #camel toe #moose knuckles #elephant knee
by Derek Todd August 16, 2009
The act of failing with picking up girls from the passenger side of your moms Station wagon.
I was sending a shout out to my latinas in the hood, and she said "Whitey, you bugging if you think your gonna passenger side me in my own neighborhood, get outta here before i cut you".

I was Passenger Siding.
#tlc #scrubs #passenger side #best friends ride #trying to holler at me #passenger
by Derek Todd August 16, 2009
When a Man Lines up 6 or more women in a row on their knees, and with an erect penis, Runs his penis back and forth amongst the Puckered lips for the women, Thus looking like The Blades on a chainsaw.
Derek took the Entire College Cheerleader Squad to Dinner, and was gracious enought to pay, so all the girls returned the favor with a chainsaw job.

Todd Chainsaw Jobbed all the teachers he never liked because he knew they wouldn't appreciate it.
#your mother #leatherface #air jordan #slam hound #moose knuckles
by Derek Todd August 16, 2009
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