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A girl with a BUTter face BUT I'd F*ck her.

Also see definition of Butter Face
Derek: DAmn look at the girls face it's busted but the body is fine.

TJ: I'd call it a butterface.

Derek: Know I'd call it a doublebutter. I'd still hit it.
by Derek T November 07, 2006
Someone who doesn't like to drink there beer.
Luke you have been holding on to that warm ass beer for about two hours now. You are such a Baby Sitter.
by Derek T November 07, 2006
A description for a young girl.This more specifically refers to a girl so young she just came out of the womb and has yet to be washed.

A baby girl upon birth.
Look at that cute little wet back over there. I don't even think that one is legal. I'd still hit it though.
by Derek T November 06, 2006

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