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The Designated decoy, is a person that remains sober but acts drunk, speeds, and swerves making the cops think that they are drunk. During this thoughtless act, which happens after closing, he/she gets the cops to follow him/her or pull them over allowing the real drunks to stumble away safely.
You guys owe me from being the last dd (Designated Decoy). Last time I got pulled over by the cops for an hour while they made me do every sobriety test known to man. At least everyone was able to swerve home safely!
by Derek Stout August 16, 2007
Shwaisted - a combonation of shit faced and waisted.

Used to discribe a heavy night of drinking.
I got so shwaisted last night I got beer goggles.
by Derek Stout August 15, 2007
Also referred to someone, typically a woman, that is so skinny that her backbones stick out at least a half inch from her skin. Called this because looks like plates that'd you find on a stegosaurus
Whenever I see that stego bend over, I'm reminded of how hard it must have been for a T-rex to eat that!
by Derek Stout August 17, 2007
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