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4 definitions by Derek Scholl

The penetration of any fluorescent object, typically a large blunt one, rammed forcibly into an unknowing victim in a rape fashion.
Oh my god! He just go fluorescent ass raped by that chick!
by Derek Scholl March 20, 2009
9 3
The place where someone goes when they cross the line too far when insulting another. Typically an insult of homosexuality, or directed at ones sister or brother who may be considered attractive.
You just crossed the line...into dickville.

Dickville called...they want their dick back!
by Derek Scholl April 10, 2009
6 0
The well known expanded phrase for the commonly abbreviated STOP sign. Also, describes the process of expelling feces onto a McDonalds Big Mac.
Woa! Did you see that? That guy just blew that shit taking opposite pounder!
by Derek Scholl April 11, 2009
2 1
Your Fuckin Gay.

1. A phrase to explain how homosexual a person is.
2. An outburst to insult or verbally attack someone.
3. An extremely homosexual human being.
"I bet your fuckin gay!!"

"How fuckin gay are you?!, your as fuckin gay as the day is long!"
by Derek Scholl May 23, 2008
18 31