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The Golden Load is a move similar to the Golden Shower, but is sneaky. It's the act of giving a facial after sex or blowjob, but instead of rewarding the lucky woman (or man) with a sticky wad, you begin to piss upon their face.

*Warning, this may lead to some unwanted conflicts or the knowledge of a weird fetish by your significant other.
Alex: Oh my god dude, funniest shit ever.
Derek: What man? What?!?!?
Alex: So lastnite when Amanda was giving me head, I totaly pulled out and told her I was about to cum, but instead I gave her the Golden Load and I pissed on her face. Caught her off gaurd so bad.
Derek: What the fuck? Really?
Alex: No, I was joking.
Derek: Alright, that'd be gross.
Alex: It was actually your mom.
by Derek H. aka xmypantsx August 01, 2008
The Canadian Pipeline, not to be confused with the Alaskan Pipeline, is when two people each insert the end of a straw or tube into their butt. Then one of them farts, causing the air to travel into the others ass.
Alex: Hey dude, wanna canadian pipeline with me? I had chili for dinner.
Derek: No thanks, you might shart into my ass.
by Derek H. aka xmypantsx August 01, 2008
The Swedish Yo-yo is when somebody takes a hot load of spunk in their mouth and stands over another person. Then the person with the man mustard in their mouth starts to slowly drip the cum out of their mouth, then slurps it back up.
Alex: Dude, Amanda was doing the Swedish Yo-yo above me lastnite, and she didnt slurp it up in time so I got my own man jizz all over my face.
by Derek H. aka xmypantsx August 01, 2008

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