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The ability to continue sexual intercourse without stopping after ejaculation. Cumtinue.
Dude he was up in her guts... he pops and doesn't even stop for a breather he just cumtinues to bang away at her.
by Derek Gibney January 31, 2007
A burning sensation you get after sex. Caused by female genitalia.
Nah man the sex was good just afterwards i had minge-singe.
by Derek Gibney February 09, 2007
Swancer swan·cer (swann-ser)
exactly like cancer but has a really stupid accent. Unlike cancer Swancer can be contracted just by sharing rooms with an idiot or by just being the cute innocent child of a smoking idiot.

At present we have only one known cure for swancer which is suicide. A new treatment involving ignorance is currently being investigated.
Poor Emma just shared a room with the guy and now she's dying of passive swancer.
by Derek Gibney October 23, 2008
Small greasy hands, like the hands of a carnival worker.
They sometimes smell of Cabbage or dirty Turnips.
Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin: Carnius Handius
My friend Pauline... seriously she has these odd carnie hands you cant tell if shes playing the cello or rubbing a dog.
by Derek Gibney June 21, 2006

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