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Simply a combo of gorgeous and beautiful
Wow Derek Your Girlfriend Is Totaly Gorgutiful
#beautiful #gorgos #gorgeous #bootyful #gorjutiful
by Derek Gary August 29, 2006
This word originated from myspace. its pretty much what all the scene kids think they are because they can wear baller caps, and make a metal claw in there myspace bathroom shots.
the wordl m3t4l is most commonly used in myspace display names. such as "m3g4n m3t4l". and following m3t4l can most likely be "bree bree" condingly known for pig squealing sounds, in bands like job for a cowboy,as blood runs black,big puppy high five or other bands who think there "m3t4l" well no you or your band arnt m3t4l. your just scene grindcore wannabes.
d00d zomg ima g0 home today after school an listen to job for a cowboy cause there so m3t4l bree bree bree.
#metal #fags #nu metal #scene #bree
by Derek Gary May 26, 2007
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