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The most homosexual teenager on the face of the planet, who enjoys raping little children and furry animals.
Your name is Evan Bickford!
by der meister March 07, 2003
Vlak Vukovic (1912 - 1996) was one of the most well-known Yugoslav scientists of his time and a dissident anti-communist. He was born to a Serbian peasant family in what is today Krajina, Croatia.

Vlak's most well-known theory is "The Law of the Representation of Vlak".

Vlak stated that If you do something (s) with a certain number (n) of possibilities, something with absolutely no connection to anything (x) will occur.

Unfortunately, his theory was never believed until his death.
Vlak survived the First World War, fought in the Second World War, survived Ustasha concentration camps, communist persecution, yet continued to dissent even though he was imprisoned and tortured several times. He survived the Yugoslav civil war and continued to be healthy.

He moved to Belgrade in 1996 and in the same year, died in a bicycle accident as he was going to a donut shop.
by Der Meister November 05, 2003
Large forward facing appendages on the front of a woman or man whose mass is in excess of 180 Kilograms.
Oprah Winfrey has huge Knockers.
That 400 lb. guy's knocker rubbed
against me on the bus.
by Der Meister August 13, 2005

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