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First Russian president.Started so called "Democracy: expirement in SFSR( later Russia) and was leading it during 1991-1999. Old man who likes to play tennis and who brought total chaos in Russia. Millions of people lost their money others few took everything. Now the criminals with political whores took everything that they ever could. Where the oils goes? Not to the russian people pockets.
Russian:Beacause of that shit face I have to pay for my education and work at night. And if i don't they will took me to the army...Then all my nightmares will come true!

Russian little boy:Mommy ,mommy why the father don't work and just drings all day long?
Mommy:Go ask Boris Yeltsin

by Der Ivan May 11, 2006
A country with a very rich history and amazing culture existed until 1991. Now it's so called "Russian Federation" controlled by greedy "new russians" who don't care about anyone or anything and just stealing and ruining what was created before them by Soviet Union and before that.
Russian police : Hey you there, speed limite was 60 km/h and you were going like 250
Dude: Here's 10 $ for ya bustard
Russian police: All right! Good day to you my friend! Oh, by the way, may i wash your car?
Russian with brain: Screw this governement, they didn't create democracy or anything. The factories don't work and no one is taking us seriously. And this reforms... now i have to pay 2500 rubels for electricity insted of 300.
by Der Ivan May 11, 2006

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