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It means Your Kidding me or that is outragous between two Blacks having a discussion.

It also means quit being rude in the black community

It can also mean stop the bullshit
Nathaniel just got promoted to Captain. Reply: Nigger Please! which means that cannot be true or that is a shocker because Nathaniel is an idiot. Nigger Please! She only got promoted because she was black and they needed females to fill the quota.

Two black men are in a store and one is misbehaving or being rude. His friend says to him Nigger Please which means behave or straighten up your act.

Nigger please is not for a white person to say. It is only for a black to say to another black

A black man goes into a 7/11 with his dog and the dog starts growling for food. He tells his dog "Nigger Please" which means quit bothering me.

4 black prisoners are riding in a Jail bus all chained up to one another One Black cuts a terrible fart. Another Black prisoner on the chain says "Nigger Please"

Nigger please can also mean to quit embarassing me.
by Deputy Sheriff September 13, 2007
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