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a really ridiculous way to spell way rad. way rad just means way cool or awesome or crescent fresh.
man, that song is wehrad. it has all of the qualities that make a song rad, and then some!
by Depth Sun February 22, 2005
almost a synonym for awesome and everything great and cool. they are wonderful living things that are far superior to humans. they also provide home to animals, shade, fruit and berries, something to sit under or just stare at, something to play hacky sack under, something to climb, something to hug, something to protect with your life. trees are more than just things to cut down to build houses. we need to pretect them from things like weyerhaeuser and george bush, or they will all die, and thus, we will die, because we cannot survive without them, no matter how much you think you can.
i really dont need to give an example.
by Depth Sun February 22, 2005
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