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The technical term for depression of clinical significance. Although depression is somewhat ambiguous, this usually refers to a long term struggle to cope with one's self, society and/or their environment.

Clinical depression usually revolves around the concept of brain chemistry according to most psychologists. Researchers insist some people may be predisposed or vulnerable to depression because their brain cannot produce enough monoamines such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. This is often referred to as a chemical imbalance by researchers. When a diagnosis for Clinical Depression is given with the cause being brain chemistry, doctors and psychiatrists will often start shoving various and often unnecessary prescriptions for antidepressant drugs at you. Although, most SSRI drug treatments are harmless and usually produce positive results, if a doctor gives you a prescription and you have had symptoms for less than a year, consider doing more research before you accept a prescription for SSRI drugs since doctors often hand these out like candy, and since pharmaceutical companies have had a major influence in depression research often sponsoring doctors and researchers.
1. "My psychiatrist has given me anti depressants for my legitimate and long term Clinical Depression and I feel good again! I have the motivation to move on with my life now."

2. "After 15 minutes of talking with a psychiatrist I was handed a prescription for a drug that could potentially kill me and give me seizures."
by Depression101 October 19, 2012

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