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Steps people take to alter their appearance so that they look less like a terrorist when boarding a plan, passing customs, or crossing the border
"You better shave that beard and and deterrorist yourself before you go to the airport"

"Dude, wash your face or something before we head to Mexico, you need to totally deterrorist"
by Dennypeg March 26, 2010
When you accidentally mix up consanants of one word with the other in a sentence that sound like real words but totally alter the original meaning

"I'm crappy to bring hackers if you're making soup."
"There you go wixing your mords again."

Oh, I better bring my proper shoes when I go cock riming this weekend...Oh I'm so embarrased, I'm mixing my words again!
by Dennypeg March 26, 2010
When politicians make decisions in order to improve their poll results regardless if it was based on good policy
Senator Smith recognizes that funding for that manufacturing plant to provide new jobs may negatively impact the state budget and double the rate on inflation, but he believes it will be good pollicy in the upcoming election year.
by Dennypeg March 26, 2010
When a gay man is congratulated on his Movember moustache, but it turns out that he always wears a "porno, village-people style" moustache, then it is homovember 'stache.
"Check out that guy's Movember 'stache."

"Bro, that's my upholsterer Simon, that gay dude is always rocking a homovember moustache when he's out cruising the Village."
by dennypeg November 28, 2013

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