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A Punch-Kick is a long forgotten form of physical assault which originated in Ireland in the early 21st century. A young master of Irish Kung-Fu known as Emmet Furey one day fused the "kick" and "punch" moves which have been popularized by the lesser-known sports of "Boxing" and "Kick-Boxing" into one fluid, yet potent attack. By extending the leg and arm of the same side of your body, an assailant can deliver a crunching blow that is nigh-on impossible to block. See also, Double Punch-Kick
Victim: Hi Emmet, I noticed you were accidentally called Emma today. Sucks to be you
Emmet: *Punch-Kicks*
Victim: *Is hit by a Punch-Kick*
Emmet: *Is victorious*


Victim: This is madness!
Assailant: Madness? THIS! IS! SPARTA!
Victim: Ouch, you bastard. Why would you do that?
by Denny Blazen January 09, 2008
The Double Punch-Kick is a variation of the Punch-Kick which has become almost as feared as it's attack-of-origin. It differs only in that instead of only attacking with one side of the body, the assailant must jump with his entire body with all of his arms and legs extended.
Victim: I just bought a new Sean Kingston album, what do you think?
Assailant: Oh... you fag *Double Punch-Kicks*


Victim: These are madnesses!
Assailant Madnesses? THESE! ARE! SPARTAS!
Victim: Ouch, you bastard, those hurt.
by Denny Blazen January 09, 2008

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