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2 definitions by Denny's l'il sis

Heffelump originates from the word 'elefant' crossed with heffer (fat person) This word can be used 2 describe somebody with large butt/nose/ears, or is just incredibly ugly
God, that gemma is one enormous heffelump

Euw! Why the hell did u just snog that ugly heffelump!
by denny's l'il sis September 09, 2004
9 20
A strange and extremely rare group of cow/hippos that used 2 hang around with a girl that looked like she was on acid.

Or a dipsy/forgetful person
Woah ull never guess what i just saw? A flying moomin!

Claire ur such a bloody moomin!
by Denny's l'il sis September 09, 2004
17 35