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Term popularized on L.A.'s John and Ken radio show for a b.s. artist hired by politicos to push the party line.
Congressman Snordle could not be reached regarding HB257 but his spokeshole issued a statement that he cares about this issue.
by Dennis Phinney February 22, 2006
The removal of unnecessesary adverbs from a piece of writing.
Jenny's latest novel manuscript needs a radical adverbectomy.
by Dennis Phinney February 09, 2006
1. A fictitious person, often animated, who serves as a trademark or walking advertisement for a large corporation or its product.

2. A person who habitually wears articles of clothing advertising a large corporation or its product.
1. Betty Crocker, Mister Clean, Aunt Jemima, and Mister Goodwrench are not real people. They are logozoids.

2. Why would one pay to wear a shirt with someone else's name on it and be a logozoid for Tommy freakin' Hilfiger?
by Dennis Phinney February 07, 2006
a person who is never accountable but manages to hold others accountable for fallout from his or her activities.

a teflonic person who makes cooworkers and subordinates shoulder the blame for his or her mistakes
The marketing director is a total teflonista. When his marketing plan tanked, some employee in Cleveland who had had never seen the plan got the blame and got canned.
by Dennis Phinney February 07, 2006
a scapegoat or person who is habitually blamed for the shortcomings of another person,
I was a velcroid, a human being made out of velcro. I'd been peeled off like a leech and now things stuck to me that shouldn't.
by Dennis Phinney February 07, 2006
To obtain one's objective by being or appearing stupider or less threatening than one's opponent, exasperating them until they give up.
The border patrol always made sure they never were outsmarted, but by asking disingeneous questions, Juan could usually outdumb them.
by Dennis Phinney February 16, 2006

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