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Great stress relieving sex. When you have to put it down in the bed room so your mate can "Act Right."
My chicks been naggin all day so I had to give her some actright. She's cleaning up and making my breakfast now.
by Denmark Vesey March 27, 2009
In the south, mostly the southern gulf coast. A coolickle is a pickle in a normal jar with red kool aid added to it. You can find it next to the pickled eggs and pigs feet.
Can I get a coolickle please?
by Denmark Vesey March 27, 2009
adjective; a big, tall, surly, over-weight and above average in height woman. Sometimes characterized by hair on her chest and she may have a mustache. They are known to be bullies and most often work as correction or detention officers.
Imagine Suge Night with breasts, then you know what I mean when I say Bigfoot.
by Denmark Vesey March 27, 2009
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