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A rare lifestyle that combines some elements of being a bro (drinking beer, getting it in) with elements of being a hipster (listens to Bon Iver, stares out of windows while writing philosophy papers) with biddie moments mixed in (complains about not having enough boys' attention).
Friend 1: So these guys have been paying too much attention to me...
Friend 2: God you're such a biddie!
Friend 1: No! I'm not a biddie, I'm a bro! I like to drink beer in shower stalls and stuff like that.
Friend 2: "Cough Cough" Biddie
Friend 1: Whatever, I'm going to listen to some obscure bands while writing this paper about life and stuff. Afterwards I will go smoke and maybe reblog some upside down black and white photos.
Friend 2: Hipster!
Friend 1: I'm not a hipster or a biddie! I'm a bro!
Friend 2: Shut up biddie.
Friend 1: Guys, I am an alt bro.
Friend 2: Whatever, that's not even a real thing...
Friend 1: Time to go make out with some boys!
by DenL February 21, 2012

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