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A cheeseman is a term used to describe someone who is amazing at a video game. Derived from the screen name of an insanely awesome gamer.
"He just fragged 20 guys, he's a total cheeseman.
by Demy March 12, 2005
Contrary to another definition of this word, Hoop Skirts will not be popular ever again. Trust me.
Hoop Skirts were worn by women in the 1800's commonly on southern plantations.
by Demy March 17, 2005
A state of playing a video game in which the player enters a winning or hot streak.
Becoming a cheeseman.
I was playing Dark Horizons so well, I hit the cheesezone and started fragging everyone.
by Demy March 12, 2005
Being a cheeseman.
Entering the cheesezone.
Or in otherways being similar to a cheeseman or the original Cheeseman.
Slacker> holy shit, if you improve the amount by which i did, you will be beyond cheeselike
by Demy March 12, 2005
most skilled player
most smartest person
most sexiest person
most superior penis
mine-sweeper pro
msp pwnz j0
msp owns
best Hd player etc
too smart for you n00bs
by Demy November 21, 2004

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