3 definitions by Demonwalrus93

Alright he is as much rapper as I am prep. I am not a prep or anything. He made a song about getting a report card and Supermaning Hoes. Creative little bitch. It makes me want to destroy my guitar when it plays on the radio. He does what deushbags do to a guitar. Take something that was once amazing and turn it into pure shit.
Only good thing is the screamo version and Travis Barkers

Soulja Boy Fag Fan:Soulja boy up in this hoe watch me crank this...
Metal and Old School rap fan:Fuck Soulja Boy you better run your ass to your bitch
MAOSRF2: true that shit.
by Demonwalrus93 November 08, 2007
What a person becomes after trying weight gain 4000
Eric used weight gain 4000 and is now a beef cake
by Demonwalrus93 December 04, 2007
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