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A black metal musician most famous for his work in his one-man "Burzum" project, who also worked with fellow Norwegian black metal pioneers Mayhem as a bassist on their first album. While he admittedly makes great music, he's a complete douchebag.

He is an outspoken racist, white supremist and anti-semite, and he was sent to jail for 15 or 16 years due to his burning down of churches, and murder of bandmate Euronymous (Oystein Aarseth), founder and leader of Mayhem.

In addition, he previously announced that his 2010 album would be named "Den Hvite Guden," meaning "the white god." Naturally, some people assumed that this would have some connection to his racism. However, he backlashed, saying that the "racist western media" was assuming things about his album. This makes him a hypocrite, for obvious reasons.

Also, he's a pussy because he eventually gave into the pressure and changed the name of the album to "Belus," which still means "the white god," but by proper name. Regardless, he collapsed under pressure and he can't come out and swallow his pride and admit that he did.
Damn, that Varg Vikernes makes some great songs! But man, he's an asshole.
by Demonicow January 19, 2010

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