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2 definitions by Demonic Goldfish

A contraction of "All right": a (usually friendly) British informal greeting, not always accompanied by the word "mate". It can be used (and this is not an exhaustive list) on its own, followed by the word "mate", or followed by a name: this latter usage is usually more friendly than the others, as it implies that you know that person well enough to use their first name in a cheerful and informal greeting.

It can also be used when questioning the wellbeing of another. However, this will almost always be preceeded by a word denoting that it is a question, e.g. "you".

N.B. If someone passes you and says "Alright", do not respond "Yes". There are a number of accepted responses, such as a simple "Alright", often followed by the person in question's name, the phrase normally spoken in a more assertive tone, as it is a response, not a question.
1. Alright mate
2. Alright Alex
3. Alright
4. You alright?
by Demonic Goldfish May 09, 2007
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A building where one may watch a play: a group of actors, often a theatre company, acting out a story of sorts.

Personally, I find the theatre entertaining once in a while, but after being dragged there once too often I absolutely detest it. I have always preferred films to plays.
Sorry, I can't meet up tonight, I have to go to the theatre with my family. *Shudder*
by Demonic Goldfish April 01, 2007
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