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One of the best games in the Fantasy series. The story is fast-moving and the characters are really well-designed. The 2D graphics are done very well, unlike Final Fantsy VII, which was still good but the 3D was nasty.
Final Fantasy VI is a great game, it rivals Final Fantasy VII and the Chrono series!

("But what fun is it if no 'precious' lives are lost?" -Kefka)
by Demonic Crusader July 21, 2004
Despite what many people think, leet speak is not when you make letters with non-letter characters, like

| /\/\ |_33+ 2 |)00|)!!!

Though the non-letter characters used to make letters method is used occasionally, it is primarily made up of numbers acting as letters, like so.

y0 j00!!111 u c m3 0wnz0rz dat n00b v3r1ly ?? lolololololololo

Note that j00 is often used in place of "you" and many words end with a 0rz or a z. Also, letters aren't ALWAYS used, just when someone feels like being "l337". Leet Speak originated as a way for getting vulgar words (such as "u r fuxx0rz d00d!!) through filters in chat rooms and games.
(Many examples are listed above)
by Demonic Crusader July 21, 2004
*To the other person to write a definition* Yes it is a good song and the game is the shit but this isn't the place for those kinds of "definitions"... ;D
Example of what I'm talking about:

See Neverwinter Nights. Yes the game is the shit but it isn't the place for that.
by Demonic Crusader July 21, 2004
Uber = Very in german, but used as "Super" to "l33trz"

Leet = Elite, good.

L33trz = See Leet Speak.

Uberleet = Very good!
y0 d00d, th47 ph47 |-| wuz u83rl337!!!!!!1111 v3r1ly d00d!
by Demonic Crusader July 21, 2004

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