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The act of physically placing the entire cast of Jersey Shore in a triangular formation, just like bowling pins, at the entrance or exit ramp to any major freeway to buffer the damages from any potential accident. (It is recommended to have plenty of taffy and hair cair products to keep their interest while they are in said formation)
Hey Tommy I just set up another Jersey Shore barrier by the Lincoln Tunnel.Those kids are dumb as tree trunks. God willing someone's been drinking way too much to drive and swerves left and puts us all out of our misery. Plus, I threw a couple spike stips out there to kind of help our odds.!
by DemmyMack413 January 29, 2011
When a man bends a woman over during sex and takes her from behind while grabbing the base of his erection with his hand only leaving the thumb sticking out so it's parallel to the penis. As the penis is inserted the thumb, representing the small horn, should hit the anus with every deep thrust. ( This move is not recommended for asians because your penis has to be larger than you hand for it to work)
If I would've given Carol Brady el rhino one time she'd love me until this day
by DemmyMack413 January 29, 2011
When a mother knows she has an absolute filthy whore for a daughter, but does everything she can to cover it up from the father. (In reference to the famed Watergate scandal of the early 70's. )
Timmy..." I'm skipping school with Martha tomorrow. We're just gonna go to her house and fuck all day"

Edmundo..." Yeah, but won't her mom be there?""

Timmy..." Yep, but it doesn't matter it's a regular daughtergate over there....Anything goes ."
by DemmyMack413 January 29, 2011
When a group of people beat down an individual as a group. Mostly kicking the person. Thus the name Sneaker party.
That wanna be tough guy came to our neighborhood talking shit so we gave him a sneaker party as a parting gift.
by DemmyMack413 January 15, 2011
A combination of the word huevo, meaning eggs in Spanish but loosely translated as balls....and wagon loosely translated as any automobile. Together they form a word that describes a very powerful car.
" Tony just bought a 1970 Chevelle SS. I"ll put money on that sumbitch anyday over some little souped up Toyota. It's one bad ass huevolkswagon."
by DemmyMack413 January 28, 2011
When one, while wearing a robe, farts and then, with hands in robe pockets twirls the right side form back to front and left side from back to front. Thus giving the illusion of a matador while equally spreading the " joy" just released
"I just gave my son The Matador while he was watching cartoons...he was not at all happy".
by DemmyMack413 January 13, 2011
sperm, semen; any form of male ejaculate
"Look at the ass on that chick...I'd love to cover that with my mandle wax....."
by DemmyMack413 January 24, 2012

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