12 definitions by Demicci D. Dior-Britt

A girl or tranny that stuffs her bra to have or make her tits appear larger.
My brother's flat chested girlfiend doesn't know that I know about her secret titties.
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt October 18, 2007
This term refers to something being or someone being in the opinion of the observer extremely endoweed with awful looks, ways or expressions to the point of being just plan rediculously hedious to an unfathemable extreme. This is suggetive of the subject needing to be beat or just publicaly outed for their wrongness. Oakland, CA's stuck-up well to do, ghetto fabulous black prissy girls, residents of Oakland's hillside community, Monclair and Berkeley UC socialites covette this term.
Oh no, here comes this persistant morone again trying to get at my time for a date, as if I am living to be wooned by his hedifuckindiculous ass fugaface bearing no form of grace for me! Yuck to the tenth power!!!!!!!!! Hide me?
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt January 14, 2007
A short fat penis, usually cut.
I don't take choads up the rear because small nubs usually induce more pain.
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt January 17, 2007
A small penis after erection. Especially used to describe the penis of fat men and body builders on steroids.
Jimmy is fat, therfore like most fat asses he is endowed with a nub, I'm sure. As for his brother, the body builder, still a nub!
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt January 17, 2007
This is a term referring to one thumbing through all the cards in his wallet to decide beffore hand which ones are good for use with an available debit, credit or ATM withdrawel balance. This is proper in considering saving ones own face by avoiding the posibility of being turned away for a declined account. One should keep the good cards with him in his card organizer and slap the maxed ones down on the countertop, in the rubberbanded collection of stollen cards or, hell, just discard the bitches. Further more just pay the premiums and don't offer me drinks out until you get your *#@$ together!
Please slap your plastics before we get to the check-out counter to avoid last weeks embaressing scene and a sore back from bending over to pick up our faces at the head of this long line.
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt January 14, 2007

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