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The confidence that a usually very shy person gets when drunk.

To be shy until you get wasted related to drunk say.

Confidence that's useless to have because you are intoxicated therefore it does not improve your nerdy state.
Brenda is usually a very shy sweet but self-conscious girl, until John got her drunk.

John to Bill: Jill has all this confidence tonight...I like!

Bill: Bro its just wasted confidence she's still shy and awkward.
by Demenyaca June 03, 2010
To actively and uselessly sit for hours trying to come up with words to submit to the Editors at Urban Dictionary
Jim can't go to the movies because he is U-D Storming he gets at least 10 words a week accepted int Urban Dictionary.

The Group of friends decided to get together and U-D Storm after getting lit off weed.

I do my best U-D Storming when I'm drunk.
by Demenyaca June 03, 2010
When a person usu women and gay guys, get completely hammered from drinking 'girly drinks' such as: Mimosa, Amaretto Sours, Strawberry Daiquiris Pina Colades and Sangrias. Not to be confused with Drunk Bitch, Drunk Brenda or Drunk Bitch Syndrome, but can be used interchangeably with Drunk by Proxy

To get drunk off small amounts of girly drinks

A drunken stupor from a girly drink possibly due to the more to sugar content rather than the Liqueur itself.
Betty was so Prissy Drunk at the Women's Luncheon that she needed to taken home.

I'm feeling low I think I'll get Prissy Drunk tonight!

Girl: I love Sangrias, but I get so drunk from them, now I only drink half a sip rather than my usual whole sip.

Guy: Sangria/... half a sip!? You are a Prissy drunk!
by Demenyaca June 03, 2010

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