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1. An awfully tall, frail actress, broom-like in body build, widely considered to be unusually attractive but is actually the opposite. 2. (Slang) any tall, ugly woman of frail build.
Example: As nauseatingly unattractive as this Kidman was to watch, her performance wasn't bad.
by DementedRonald October 14, 2004
1. A tall, lanky, apparently hormonally challanged late-night television "comedian" virtually incapable of growing facial hair and with a piping, rather effeminate, squeak-frequency voice, which he uses to broadcast stunningly lame "jokes", being rewarded highly. 2. A lame joke. 3. An effete-like male earning a living off bad jokes.
Mr. O'Brien's a pain in the rear.
Hmmmm, i wonder what made this Conan idiot imagine that....
by DementedRonald October 14, 2004
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