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2 definitions by Deluxe9479

Pertaining to but not limited to the biggest skank ass hoe alive. This person is usually referred to as "the one the whole town ran a train on last night for a dollar." The slutasorousrex is also known as a skankasorousrex, and usually is at the top of the list of all sluts in the town. Has been known to eat the client after intercourse has concluded.
Damn, that bitch will slut out for anyone john!
Oh, you haven't heard? Jenny is a slutasorousrex, and has every disease known to mankind.
Damn that's a nasty bitch
by Deluxe9479 February 25, 2009
Pertaining to getting your junk sucked so good that when the chick finishes her deed, you exclaim, "That was Blowalicious Bitch!"

Can also be said to be Blowtastic.
How was your night?
by deluxe9479 February 26, 2009