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Best. Frat. Ever.

Notable Members Include:

Wayne Brady (Improv comic/ Actor)
Lester B. Pearson (Prime Minister of Canada)
Alan Thicke (The guy from fucking Growing Pains)
Alfred Sloan (GM Chairman)
Arnold O. Beckman (pH Scale guy)
Thomas Perkins (Newscorp Board)
Michael Eisner (CEO of Disney)
John Thain (CEO of Marrill Lynch)
Dr. Robert Cade (Inventor of Gatorade)
Randy Gregg (5 Stanley Cup Rings)
Juan Santos (President of Colombia)
Leland MacPhail (Former National Baseball League President AND GM of thhe New York Yankees)
James D. Rodgers (Former Head Coach of the Boston Celtics)
Pretty much the best frat around...

Delta Upsilon...Awesome
by DeltaUpsilon! May 31, 2011
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