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When anyone, generally a person with "Kezzygal" type qualities, has what is called a Kezzygal Party, they're basically eating a delicious food item (namely chips, popcorn, chocolate, other junk food), all by themself, whilst staring at the computer like a zombie, mostly looking at Harry Potter fanart or their Twitter account. It sometimes consists of the insistent blasting of Alternative, Pop/punk, or Screamo music, usually the bands Fighting For Ithaca, All Time Low, or Mindless Self Indulgence. Try it, it's fun.
Sally: I'm gonna go have a Kezzygal party!
Alex: Oh, cool, who's invited?
Sally: Just me. It's a Kezzygal party, duh!
Alex: I'll Urban Dictionary that tonight.
by Delta London May 11, 2011
1: The act of a mother punishing her children/children's friends. Often used to describe a tongue-lashing.
2: When a friend acts like a typical mother, perhaps by nagging. Often used with "You sound like my mother!".

Derived from a misspelling of the word "memorize".
1: Dude, you better be a bit nicer to your mom, you don't want her to momerize you.
2: Dude, you gotta stop momerizing me! You sound like my mother!
by Delta London March 07, 2011

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